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Hello, I'm Brian Duffy. A WordPress and E-Learning Specialist based in Dublin.

My most popular projects include:

WordPress Training 

This is the WordPress training course I've been running since 2011. Members get a supervised, practice WordPress site and interact with short, highly-engaging, hands-on lessons to rapidly learn how to build, manage and promote a professional-standard website at minimal cost. 

How to Sell and Deliver Automated Training Online

This interactive online course will rapidly step you through the complete process of planning and creating fully-automated online courses that you can sell and deliver at scale.

Participants on this programme get free access to the entire suite of technology favoured by leading online trainers and learn how to record videos, design interactive lessons, manage an online community, offer support, accept payments and sell courses online. 


The software system I use to teach and promote my online courses has been tested by over 2000 users since 2010 and recently I decided to give it a name - UltimateLMS.

Unlike other open-source LMS systems, UltimateLMS looks amazing across all devices - and because it's powered by WordPress - it's easy to use and offers you complete control over every aspects of your users experience.

My e-learning work has been featured on numerous online publications including:

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"Skype's great because we can share screens, transfer files, swap links, tag in other people, see each other ...it's the perfect tool for online coaches"

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"I love helping coaches and training providers who are struggling with technology" 

I love my one-on-one client sessions and I also love teaching dozens of people at the same time via my website. If you think I might be able to help in anyway with your next project then please hit the button below now to schedule a chat.