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Hey, I'm Brian Duffy. A full-time WordPress coach and digital marketer

You might know me from...

WordPress Training 

This is the WordPress training course I've been running since 2011. Members get a supervised, practice WordPress site and learn how to use the latest themes and plugins to quickly build and manage a professional-standard website at zero (or absolute minimal) cost. Want to know my secret for turning complete novices into WordPress Power Users in less than 3 hours? 

The WordPress Sellers Club

This is my latest coaching program, where I work with clients to build out and optimize automated sales and marketing systems (i.e. sales funnels) using WordPress, that result in explosive sales. This is an advanced program that goes beyond WordPress, with a big focus on developing a strong offer and Facebook advertising. Want to hear the story about why I built my first funnel and how it generated $12K in it's first two weeks?


Since 2011, I've been learning NON-STOP about the best ways to sell and deliver online training and coaching. The fruit of that hard work is the system I now use to sell and deliver my programs. The system is built using WordPress and can be setup in just 1 hour, preconfigured with your branding, as well as the sales funnels, the learner management stuff, the member control, the support forums, the affiliate programs and everything you need to launch an online course successfully. UltimateLMS is as sweet as it gets for trainers and coaches who want to automate a program, reach a wider audience and deliver outstanding learning experiences to happy, high-paying clients.

or maybe...

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"Skype's great because we can share screens, transfer files, swap links, tag in other people, see each other ...it's the perfect tool for online coaches"

Schedule 60 minutes in my calendar and let's talk!                                         

"I love talking to people who are struggling with the same things I've struggled with, because they're the people I can help" 

I've struggled and failed with digital marketing and digital training but I struggled through and I'm very happy I can finally say that I now enjoy it! I love my one-on-one client sessions and I love teaching hundreds of people at the same time via my website. I want to help you help as many people as possible, and I'm happy to share everything I know with you!